Nebula is the secondary antagonist within in the TV series, Guardians of the Galaxy.


Nebula is a villain in the Guardians of the Galaxy Universe and a foe to Gamora. There will be more about her when the show starts, she is also going to appear in the first part of the first episode. We might know more about her past too. Nebula is an antagonist too.


Nebula's personality is mean, ignorant, unpleasant and angry. Whenever she gets misses Gamora, she wants revenge and needs to get her next time. Remember, this gal doesn't give up.


Gamora (Enemy; Adoptive Sister)Edit

Gamora and Nebula don't get a long but they have a lot in common. They are sisters! They want to verus each other for the planet which can be impossible.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Rivals;Enemies)Edit


— Nebula?



Season 1Edit

."The Backstabbers"Edit

."Bad Moon Rising"

."Accidents Will Happen"

."Fox on the Run"

."I've Been Searching So Long"

."I Feel the Earth Move"

Season 2Edit

."Right Place, Wrong Time"

Season 3: Mission: Breakout!Edit

."Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves"


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